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Web Server Glossary

Apache - The Open source HTTP Daemon.
Altavista - A first web search engine by Digital Equipment.
Browser - Client program that can send a request to an HTTP daemon to display the received result.
Bash - Linux command line interface.
C - High programming language in which UNIX is written.
C++ - Object oriented C
CGI - Via the Common Gateway Interface of an HTTPD arbitrary programs can be executed.
CERN - Institute at which HTML and HTTP were invented.
Cloud - Services provided by a computer farm.
Compiler - Program to make a source machine-readable.
CVS - Concurrent Versions System to manage documents and source code.
CPAN - Perl Module Library.
CSS - A successful attempt to separate HTML design from context and content.
Daemon - A program that runs forever.
DBD/DBI - Perl Interface to several databases.
Facebook - The platform to connect people.
Fast CGI - Application server daemon that communicates with an HTTPD via CGI and sockets.
Flash - Adobes Flash movie player.
Flicker - A community to share pictures and images.
Google - The search engine of the Internet.
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language.
HTTPD - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon.
Internet - Computer network based on TCP/IP.
Interpreter - Program that compiles a source at runtime.
Javascript - Scripting language that runs on the client side (browser).
Lamp - Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP.
Linux - Free Version of UNIX.
Lycos - One of the first web search engines with a dating community.
Lynx - Text Browser.
Make - Utility to administer program sources.
Maxscape - Platform that implements a generic web server.
Mobil - A small device that turned communication upside down.
Mosaic - Predecessor of the Internet Explorer.
MP3 - Compression method that changed the music industry.
Msql - Maybe the first open source database.
Myspace - A platform to connect people.
Mysql - The Open source database.
Napster - Peer-To-Peer network to exchange music.
Netscape - First browser with multimedia support.
NCSA - Institute which published the predecessor of Apache.
Natural Planet - One of the first Internet companies in Berlin.
Open Source - Software projects with sources.
Openssl - Open source encryption software.
Oracle - The Commercial database.
PC - Personal Computer, the idea of making a computer available to everybody.
Peer-To-Peer - Direct communication between network devices.
Perl - Ingenious interpreter language.
Phase 4 - A first Munich Internet company.
RPM - Red Hat Package Manager.
Shell - UNIX command line interface.
Socket - Creates an endpoint for communication.
SEL - Standart Elektronik Lorenz (Telekom Equipment).
SSL - Secure Socket Layer.
Strinx - Community Software based on Maxscape.
Tcsh - Another UNIX command line interface,
TCP/IP - Internet Protocol.
T-Data - Daughter of the Telekom
UNIX - Operation System mostly written in C.
Vereinsbank - Bank, now Hypovereinsbank.
Vignette - Commercial Content Management.
Web Server - The server software, that is necessary to run a web site.
Web Site - A computer on the Internet running an HTTP daemon that delivers HTML and other multimedia content.
Xing - A community for business profiles.
XML - Extended Markup Language, a generic version of HTML.
Yahoo - A first web directory and search engine.
Youtube - A community to share videos.

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