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Maxscape Shell Commands

Content Database Command Line Interface

A command line interface to the database is also part of the distribution. For example, it allows to make a complete dump of the data of a server's database or to recreate tables and insert previously dumped records. This makes it possible to easily exchange data between different databases. So, you can even edit the content database with an editor.

> MaxAdmin -w 'application server name' dump Tables
> MaxAdmin -w 'application server name' create Table ELEMENTS

For some tasks, the tool can be very time saving. E.g., to change words in a whole table with the text editor's regexp substitution function. Or use the database tables dump, to transfer it to another site and load it into the other sites server database. This can also be done with databases from different vendors on each site, since differences between the databases are masked by the MaxAdmin tool.

Selection of an Application server

Using the MaxAdmin tool, the server is selected by the '-w' option:

> MaxAdmin -cw 'application server name' create Table PAGE

(With the -c option column names are preceded in front of
each record. Helpful if the data model has changed.)

MaxAdmin ASCII Database Table Dump File Structure

You may dump the whole database or single tables into ASCII files containing the appropriate INSERT statements and you can (re)load the database/tables, maybe after editing some data. The ASCII files are called by the name of the corresponding table, have the extension '.sql' and are located under the 'application servers' tables directory, e.g.:

/maxscape/server/'application server'/tables

  WEB_SERVER.sql       "Server specific properties."
  PAGE.sql             "Documents and information structure tree."
  ELEMENTS.sql         "Documents elements."
  PLAIN_FILE.sql       "Big documents."
  TEMPLATES.sql        "Templates table."
  USERS.sql            "User of the server."
  USER_PROFILE.sql     "User profiles."

Database create/dump using the MaxAdmin tool

To create/dump a database use the MaxAdmin tool e.g.:

> MaxAdmin -w 'application server' command Tables

  where command =: create|update|dump
        Table   =: PAGE,ELEMENTS,...

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