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Platform Directory Structure

A Maxscape installation consists of the base system (apache, perl, database, ..) and the Maxscape server directory tree. Each subsystem is placed in a separate directory. All subsystems are best installed under the '/opt' directory. The directory structure uses UNIX file system notation and conventions:

/maxscape      symbolic link to the maxscape server root directory)     
  analog       analog installation root
  apache       apache installation root
  mysql        mysql installation root
  maxscape     maxscape installation root
  perl         perl installation root
  php          PHP installation root
  ssl          ssl installation root

Symbolic link to the Maxscape Server Root

The symbolic link '/maxscape' must points to the maxscape server root directory. It is useful as an entry point (e.g. 'cd /maxscape') and as a switch between parallel installed Maxscape releases.

> cd /
> ln -s /opt/maxscape/3.00 /maxscape

Maxscape Server Directory Tree

Because the configuration files of the subsystems are stored in the maxscape server directory tree, most shell work could be done as the UNIX user 'maxscape'. The server root directory contains the following directories and files.

  README.install       Installation Procedure Description.
  README.licence       Maxscape License.
  analog              Symbolic Link to the Analog Server Root
  apache              Symbolic Link to the Apache Server Root
  mysql               Symbolic Link to the Mysql Server Root
  perl                Symbolic Link to the PERL Server Root
  bin                 Maxscape Binaries.
  cvssh               Maxscape Command line shell around CVS.
  etc                 Configuration Files.
  lib                 Maxscape Libraries.
  local               Maxscape local.
  man                 Manual Pages.
  sbin                Deamon Binaries and Daemon Start Scripts.
  server              Root Directories of the various virtual Webservers.
  var                 Maxscape variable Directories (User Dirs, Log Files).

Configuration, Resource, Skeleton and Start/Stop Files

Most of the servers configuration files are located under the '/maxscape/etc' directory:

  maxscape.cnf         Maxscape global Configuration File.
  analog               Configuration Directory for analog.
    analog.conf        Analog Configuration File.
    header.txt         Analog Header File.
  apache               Maxscape Apache Configuration Directory.
    httpd.conf         Apache configuration main file.
    magic              Magic data for mod_mime_magic Apache module.
    mime.types         Controls apache Internet media types.
    modules.conf       Apache Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) configuration.
    rewrite.conf       Maxscape HTTPD (apache) generic rewrite rules.         Apache mod_perl startup script.
  init.d               Maxscape, Apache, Mysql, Oracle boot scripts.
    apachectl          Apache HTTPD Deamon start/stop Script.
    maxscape           Maxscape overall Startup Boot Script.
    mysql              Mysql Deamon start/stop Shell Script.
    oracle             Oracle deamon start/stop Script.
    maxscape_chat      Maxscape Chat Server start/stop Script.
    maxscape_daemon    Maxscape Process Control Daemon start/stop Script.
  profile              Global Profile for shell scripts, interac. shells.
  project              Hacks avoid platform/version specific path.
  skel                 Skeletons for Login Resource Files.
    .exrc              Maxscape init resource file for vi.
    .inputrc           .inputrc for readline lib for 'bash'.
    .pgp               Maxscape Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) User Accounts.
    .profile           Global Maxscape user account borne shell profile.
    .projectrc         cvssh resource file.
    .ssh               Secure Shell (SSH) User Account Directory.
      authorized_keys  Maxscape SSH authorized_keys.
    .tcshrc            Maxscape tcsh init recource file.
  ssleay.cnf           SSLeay configuration file.

Daemon, Administration Scripts and Binaries

Daemon and administration scripts are found under the '/maxscape/sbin' directory:

  sbin                         Deamon Binaries and Daemon Start Scripts.
    ChatServer                  Maxscape Chat Server.             Maxscape Chat Daemon fail safe Script.
    maxdaemon                   Maxscape Process Control Daemon.              Process Control Daemon fail safe Script.

    create_db.mysql             Creates a new application server Database Instance.
    create_application_server    Creates an application server Directory Structure.
    create_users                Creates UNIX Users during the first Installation.
    install_db.mysql            Installation of a new application server Database.
  bin                          Maxscape Binaries.
    MaxAdmin                    Command line Administration Server Interface                Dumps dynamic Pages to static HTML Pages.

Directories of an Application Server

All files, that are special to an application site, are placed under the '/maxscape/server' directory. Each application server is uniquely defined by its application server name and installed in a separate directory named '/maxscape/server/'application server name'/'.

/maxscape/server/'application server'
  bin                                 Place to put helpful scripts
  cgi-bin                             CGI scripts
  docs                                Document root of the site
  etc                                 Application  server configuration files
  lib                                 Modules and functions
  logs                                Link to the Apache log files
  tables                              Text dump of the content database

UNIX User Accounts and Variable Files

The UNIX user accounts and variable fileslocated under the '/maxscape/var' directory.

Application Libraries and Modules

Libraries and applications global to a application server should be placed under the '/maxscape/server/'application server name'/lib' directory. Although this is not mandatory, it helps to standardize the programming system. To prevent name clashes, put files in a own directory and prefix packages with this prefix (e.g. $myObject = myScape::myClass->new();).

  perl                                    Site global Application modules.
  perl/maXscape/        Site global applications.
  perl/maXscape/SiteApplication/   Site Application of the 'Page' class.

Application server global functions and modules are located under the related /maxscape/server/'your application Server'/lib directory:

/maxscape/server/'your application Server'/lib/
  perl                                    'your' Libraries.
  perl/yourScape                          'your' Libraries.
  perl/yourScape/     'your' Applications.
  perl/yourScape/   'your' Configuration.

Process local functions and modules are located under the related /maxscape/server/'your application Server'/lib/perl/Maxscape directory, as described in 'Processes' manual section.

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