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Platform Operation

The generic server works fine without the Maxscape environment and server Library. The Apache HTTPD can then be started/restarted/stopped with the Apache's start/stop script:

> /opt/apache/'Version'/bin/apachectl start
> /opt/apache/'Version'/bin/apachectl stop

CGI and FastCGI Scripts

To use CGI and FastCGI, you need to write the scripts and to configure the Apache accordingly.


You can use the pre-installed Mysql database or any database that is supported by Perl's DBD/DBI interface or.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The apache of the distribution, is compiled with OpenSSL. So, you only need to create the SSL certificates.

Perl and CPAN

A lot of CPAN Modules (libwww, DBD/DBI, FCGI, ..) are pre-installed. More can be easily added. Just follow the installation procedures of CPAN Modules.

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