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Application Server Directory Structure

Each application server is placed in a separate sub tree under the '/maxscape/server' directory. The structure is standardized for easy usage. The tree contains the configuration files, the main FCGI process scripts ('www.fcg'), the process application modules, the ASCII export of the application server database tables and other files local to the application server.

/maxscape/server                   root of the various application servers
  MyScape                          root directory of the 'MyScape' server
    docs                           document root and FCGI main scripts
      www.fcg                      FCGI public process main executable
      User                         personalized services
        www.fcg                    main script for personalized services
    etc                            configuration files (apache, ssl,..)
      httpd.conf                   apache configuration
      maxscape.cnf                 application server configuration
    lib                            server global Libraries
      perl                         application libraries
        maXscape                   Maxscape packages
     Server global applications
        Maxscape                   process application libraries and scripts     process configuration + application modules
    tables                         database tables ASCII export
    bin                            binaries and scripts
    mod_perl                       Mod_perl Scripts
    cgi-bin                        CGI Scripts

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