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Maxscape Platform Configuration

The server platform could be configured to operate in various modes. Several configuration files and web forms are provided to achieve a special behavior. Most of the configuration files are located under the '/maxscape/etc' directory.

  • Shell Scripts
  • Apache Daemon
  • Database
  • Process
  • Application Server
  • Application Plugin

Shell Scripts

Shell scripts are configured in the file '/maxscape/etc/profile', as all other scripts include this file. Normally, you need not to edit this file.

Apache Daemon Configuration

The main apache configuration file is '/maxscape/etc/apache/httpd.conf'. This file includes the configured application servers via 'include' directives.

/maxscape/server/'application server'/etc/httpd.conf

Set up of the Web Server Document Roots

The application server's document roots are located under the directory (this may be a symbolic link):

/maxscape/server/'application server'/docs

Database Configuration

Database configuration depends on the database type (e.g. mysql, oracle). Within Maxscape, database differences are masked. To configure maxscape to work with a database, the 'Databases' entry in the '/maxscape/etc/maxscape.cnf' has to be supplied with the related entries (database user, database password, ..).

Maxscape globale server configuration

The main maXscape configuration file is:


It is written in XML and may easily be understood. Set the global variables to your prefered values. Add the newly created database instance to the 'Databases' part of the configuration file (see also /maxscape/README.install).

Application Server Configuration

Also each application server has it's own configuration file:

/maxscape/server/'application server'/etc/maxscape.conf

The variables defined in the application server configuration overrides the values defined in the main configuration file. Add the FCGI AppClass directive to the 'httpd.conf' file of your 'application server'.

AppClass /maxscape/server/MyServer/docs/www.fcg \
    -processes 3 \
    -listen-queue-depth 5 \
    -restart-delay 0 \
    -initial-env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/oracle/.../x.x.x/lib \
    -initial-env PROJECT_SERVER_NAME=MyServer

And adjust all other directives as described in the Apache documentation.

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