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Maxscape Server Operation

The Maxscape server can be configured to operate in various modes:

  • ∙ IP or name based virtual hosts
  • ∙ single server serving static content
  • ∙ server with individualized dynamic content generation
  • ∙ multiple application servers connected to a single/several databases
  • ∙ test and production modes
  • ∙ a.s.o

You can define as many application servers as you like (computer resources provided). They are referred to by their unique 'application server' name.

Maxscape Server start/stop Shell Scripts

To launch/shutdown the server simply enter the following commands from the command line (normaly as UNIX user root/su_max):

/maxscape/etc/init.d/maxscape start|restart|stop

This script calls the start/stop scripts of the subsystems (HTTPD, database, ..). The subsystem scripts could be called directly, also.

Apache start/stop Shell Script

To launch/shutdown the apache daemon simply enter the following commands from the command line:

/maxscape/etc/init.d/apachectl start|restart|stop

Database start/stop Script

Start/stop of the database depends on the database product. Here is shown, how the mysql database server is started/stopped:

/maxscape/etc/init.d/mysql start|stop

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