Profile and Community Websites

Maxscape carries on three websites with which you can publish profiles aund a websites, as well as communicate with others and work together on shared projects. - Web- und Software Developer - Musicians and Producers - Profiles and Websites

To publish your own content, you'll should have a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and you'll need to learn how to manage design, content and applications with Maxscape.

Maxscape Cloud Server

You can rent your own UNIX cloud server with a pre-installed Maxscape Application Server. The cloud server behaves like your own computer with a root account, only it runs on our hardware, so you don't need to deal with installation and maintenance issues.

Maxscape/Maxdaemon Installation

You can install Maxscape/Maxdaemon on your own UNIX host, of course. UNIX knowledge and web/software experience are required. If you are interessted in a Maxscape/Maxdaemon installation, please get in touch.