Profile Or Website Publishing

Maxscape carries on three web sites where you can publish a profile, a web site and communicate with other members. Simply give it a try. Only a user name, a password and HTML knowledge is required. - Web- und Software Developer - Musicians and Producers - Internet Profile

Cloud Server Renting

You can rent your own UNIX cloud server with a pre-installed Maxscape Application Server. The cloud server behaves like your own computer with a UNIX root account, only it runs on our hardware, so you don't need to deal with installation issues.

Maxscape Installation

You can install Maxscape on your own UNIX host, of course. UNIX knowledge and web/software experience are required.

Before you plan to install Maxscape on your own host, try one of the above web sites and build a small web site. The 'Page Tree' surface is a subset (e.g. Perl code in page elements is not allowed, there are only predefined general purpose templates, ..) of the Maxscape Management Server's surface to administer the content database. Also, have a look at Maxdaemon, which might be more suitable for small and middle size projects, and works without a content database, too.

Consider that Maxscape is a framework to build complex (database) applications and web sites, and that it will take quite some time to learn how to manage your own installation. If you want to implement a project with Maxscape, get in touch.

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