Web Server Platform

The web server platform integrates an Apache with Openssl/Fast-CGI/Mod-Perl, the famous Perl interpreter with many useful CPAN modules, as well as an optional MySql database. To build the platform an RPM repository with spec files is provided, what eases the build process greatly.

Maxdaemon Application Server

Maxdaemon comprises a fast, lightweight HTTP(S) daemon written in Perl with three kinds of CGI interfaces, a web browser surface to manage the server's and the host's file system, an application server runtime system and the Maxscape development and integration environment.

Maxscape Web Server Framework

Maxscape is a web server framework that provides the key features to develop, manage and operate sophisticated web sites and services. The Maxscape class library implements the generic features of an application server that works with the content database, the web resp. shell surfaces and the HTTP daemons.

Secure Communication and Community Server

The Maxscape Community Server implements the functionality for secure communication and data exchange between members of a private network. The server is highly adaptable and might be a solution for your secure Internet/Intranet communication.