Generic Web Server Platform

The web server platform comprises an Apache with Openssl/Fast-CGI/Mod-Perl, the famous Perl interpreter with many useful CPAN modules, as well as an optional rational database. To build the platform an RPM repository with spec files is provided, what eases the build process greatly. The platform is feasible without taking advantage of Maxscape and provides similar features to LAMP, wherein the P means Perl.


Maxscape is an Internet and Intranet web server platform, providing the key features to develop, manage and operate sophisticated web services and web sites. Various programs, components and modules are integrated to implement the generic functionality of a web application server framework, a content management system and a development and integration environment.

Unique with Maxscape is that content, templates and also (embedded) code can consistently be stored in a rational databases. The data model then maps the structure of a web site to the database, allowing an hierarchical view on the content as well as on the (embedded) application software.

Secure Communication Server

The Maxscape Communication Server implements the functionality for secure communication and data exchange between members of a private network. The server is highly adaptable and might be a solution for your secure Internet/Intranet communication.

The structure of a secure network requires some preconditions and measures concerning the hardware as well as the software. Of course is it best that you can control the (physical) access to the hardware. Nonetheless, there are methods to work (quite) securely in an insecure environment. One key is encryption, indeed.


Maxdaemon comprises a fast, lightweight HTTP(S) daemon written in Perl with three kinds of CGI interfaces, a web browser surface to manage the server's and the host's file system, an application server runtime system and the Maxscape development and integration environment.

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