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Generic Server Platform

Generic Platform Components

The generic server platform integrates various modules, components and programs to provide the basic functionality of a web application server. A wide range of products are available for particular requirements as standard solutions. Additional software can be added on the demands of your project:

  • Computing Platform
  • Directory Structure
  • HTTPD Daemon
  • Rational Database
  • Programming Language
  • Server API Libraries

The Maxscape Generic Server Platform distribution comprises the following main parts, which are highly integrated and also do work, independently from a Maxscape Application Server installation.

Operating System
The prefered OS is UNIX. So far, the Maxscape platform has been build on SUSE, RedHat, HP-UX and Ubuntu.
HTTP Daemon
Today the best HTTPD for Maxscape is Apache. There is also a simple Maxscape HTTPD written in Perl mainly for test purposes.
The Apache is linked with Open SSL.
Fast CGI
The Apache is linked with the FastCGI module.
Mod Perl
The Apache is linked with the ModPerl module.
Rational Database
Msql, Mysql and Oracle. But any Database that is supported by the DBD/DBI interface is fine.
Perl Programming Language
In my Opinion Perl is by far the best programming language for content management and web application programming.
CPAN Archive Library
Modules, functions and packages for various tasks.

Server Directory Structure

After installation the Maxscape platform resides under it's own directory tree. The file system structure reflects various requirements to be taken into account (e.g. practical grouping and sorting files, separation of variable and constant directories, separation of generic and server/site specific content/layout/software, different environments, ..). The structure mostly uses UNIX file system notation and conventions.

HTTPD Daemon

The distribution comes with an apache HTTPD daemon (FastCGI interface, Mod_perl, Openssl,..) ready to be used on mission critical sites. For application development and other purposes the Maxdaemon HTTPD is available, also.

Content Database

Maxscape mostly stores dynamic content in a relational database, which must conform to the SQL Language standard. Currently, Mysql and Oracle are supported. Other databases could be adapted with minimal effort, if reasonable. For easy server installation, the distribution contains a complete Mysql database server for Linux systems.

PERL Interpreter

The Maxscape server side scripting and programing language is Perl and XS. So, a precompiled Perl interpreter is part of the distribution.

CPAN Software Archives

Various Perl packages and scripts are available from the CPAN archives and other resources, which may be added to a server. The distribution includes a reasonable subset by default (DBD/DBI, EmbPerl, libwww, GD..).

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