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Maxscape is a framework or collection of highly integrated part systems to implement a generic web server, whereat generic web server comprises the features common to most or all websites.

Maxscape runs on LINUX and other UNIX systems. It comprises a 'Development and Integration Environment' (build integration chain), a 'Basic Server Platform' (HTTPD server, database, programming language with libraries), an 'Application Programming Interface' (modules and functions for content management and application programming) written in Perl and a 'Runtime and Application Development System' (Directory structure, data model and process management).

With Maxscape content, templates and even server side scripts are consistently stored in a rational database, such as Mysql or Oracle. This approach brings the power of databases and the SQL language into content management as well as to application programming.

Maxscape has been used as a content management and application server in several commercial projects. Being the Vereinsbank's Internet server and the Intranet server of T-Data (Deutsche Telekom), it has proven it's applicability, robustness and stability.

In fact, Maxscape was the first platform comprising an open source HTTP server, a database (e.g. Msql, Mysql, Oracle), a scripting language (Perl) and a server API (implementing a content management system and an application server) delivered as an easy to install distribution.

Intended Audience

The intended audience of this paper are persons and companies involved in the design, implementation and administration of websites and services. It is focused on publishers and programmers, who have to provide dynamic one to one applications on an Intranet or the Internet and have to maintain a large amount of data.

If you have to (re-)design and maintain large and complex web applications and it is difficult to make the right decisions, then you might have a look at Maxscape. It provides the key features and components to implement high quality web applications.

Manual Usage

This manual gives only a brief overview about the main features, the basic architecture, the design and the components of Maxscape. It is not up to date and needs to be refined and worked out. Many features are not described. It is neither comprehensive nor is it complete, and there is only this (d)english version, so far.

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