Generic Web Server Platform

The distribution contains the RPM repository to build the Maxscape generic web server platform (Perl, CPAN Modules, Openssl, Apache, ..).

Generic Platform: Maxscape-Platform-Build-RPM-Repository.tgz


The root distribution contains the Maxdaemon HTTPD, the web surface, the directory structure, the application server framework, etc. To get an impression how the web surface looks like, Maxdaemon Online is installed on this host.

Maxdaemon Source: maxdaemon-root-1.0.0-distribution.tgz
Maxdaemon Source with Perl and SSL binaries for Ubuntu: maxdaemon-root-1.0.0-Perl-SSL-distribution.tgz
ControlDaemon (Database Authentication, ..): maxdaemon-ControlDaemon-1.0.0-distribution.tgz


Maxscape isn't published, currently. Nonetheless can you rent an UNIX cloud server with a pre-installed Maxscape Application Server or you can engage in a project with Maxscape.

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