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Maxscape.com is dedicated to the Maxscape Web Application Server. An introduction to Maxscape is presented and information about content management and application programming using Maxscape are published, since 1998.

Build Your Own Web Server!
With Maxscape you can build your own web site and even your own web server. Simply check it out!

What Is Maxscape?

Maxscape implements the features of a generic web application server. Various modules, components and programs are highly integrated to provide the functionality to develop, maintain and run sophisticated web sites.

The Original
Maxscape 1.0, released in spring 1998, was the first platform comprising an open source HTTPD (NSCA, CERN), a database (Msql, Mysql or Oracle), a scripting language (Perl) and a server API (Maxscape).

Web Server Basic Platform
The basic platform comprises a UNIX Operating System, an HTTP Daemon with Openssl, Fast-CGI, Mod-Perl, a rational database, as well as many Perl CPAN modules (DBD/DBI, Libwww, ...).
Directory Structure
Directory structure to store server, as well as application content and software, separating generic from applications specific parts.
Data Model
Data model to map dynamic web content to a rational database.
Content Database
The content database may contain arbitrary content, which can then be delivered on the fly by the runtime system. Besides HTML/CSS/Javascript, content may be server side Perl scripts, which uses e.g. the Maxscape API.
Server Application Programming Interface (API)
Modules, functions and packages for content management and application programming. At the moment the core library comprises approximately 80 packages with 1500 functions.
Runtime System
Server daemons and application processes to generate a web site's content on the fly..
Content Management and Application Development System
Content management and application development web interface and command line tools.
Development and Integration Environment
Development tools and integration chain to build the server platform, the server libraries, the runtime system and the distribution.

Maxscape Cloud Server
Rent your own UNIX cloud server with a pre-installed Maxscape Application Server. The cloud server behaves like your own computer with a UNIX root account, only it runs on our hardware, so you don't need to deal with installation issues.

Maxscape Installation
You can install Maxscape on your own hardware, also.

Maxscape Communication Server
The Maxscape Communication Server is highly adaptable and might be a solution for your Internet/Intranet communication.

What Is Unique About Maxscape?

With Maxscape, content, templates and even application software can consistently be stored in a rational database. This eases data storage greatly and adds the multi dimensions of rational databases and the power of the SQL language to content management, as well as to application and server programming.

This allows for example to store text elements with embedded function calls in a database and to fetch and evaluate them, to call the embedded functions at runtime within application processes and then send the result to a browser.

The concept of storing content and programming scripts in a database instead of the file system has more consequences, than one might think at the first glance. Category elements can easily be inherited to sub categories and page resp. template elements can arbitrarily be nested.

Simple Database Template

<!-- (HTML) Text mixed with Maxscape Server API -->

<!DOCTYPE html>
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Title') ]}
<style type="text/css">
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Category.CSS') ]}
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Page.CSS') ]}
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Category.PageHead') ]}
@{[ $Page->UserElementLoop() ]}

Internet, World Wide Web, Browser and Web Server

The WWW is an application or layer on the Internet, defined by the HTTP(S) protocol (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (Secure)). This protocol is stateless and implements the exchange of data (e.g. HTML) between a browser (client) and an HTTP(S) daemon (server). There are quite a few platforms on both side of the communication.

Whereas it is simple to install a browser, the installation of an dynamic web server might become quite time consuming and difficult, also. The first solution is to install e.g. an Apache HTTPD and to use its CGI (Common Gateway Interface) to generate dynamic content on the fly. Because CGI scripts end after execution, you begin to consider Fast-CGI, Mod-Perl or something similar. At the latest, when you want to run a 'name based virtual' HTTPS daemon, things become difficult.

Now, Maxscape comes into play, as it solves a lot of problems of an HTTPD daemon installation. Moreover, the Maxscape platform comprises an Interface to the content database (Mysql is pre-installed, but any database with a DBD/DBI interface might work), Perl with many CPAN modules and the rich Maxscape server library.

File Based Web Server
With a common HTTP daemon (HTML-)content and application software are mainly stored on the web server's file system.

Database Web Application Server
With Maxscape content and application software are mainly stored in the content database. HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery can freely be intermixed with server side Perl scripts and/or Maxscript.

Sophisticated Template Technique
The Maxscape database concept opens up a whole new word of possibilities, because a rational database is multi-dimensional. Database page elements can be embedded in template or category elements and vice versa.

Come To Know Maxscape

To come to know Maxscape, you simply can create an account and play around. You don't need to enter an email address and you can delete the account at any time.

Consider that Maxscape is a complete UNIX Web Application Server, that you can rent. Maxscape is not a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' tool, rather it is one to build such a thing. To administer an own Maxscape, you'll need knowledge of UNIX, Apache, SQL, Perl, HTML/CSS/Javascript, etc. Tasks that we can do for you, so that you can fully concentrate on you content and applications, indeed.

If you already have content and an HTML layout, so much the better. You can enter the code per copy and paste into the content database, if you have a small site. For big sites or if you have special (database) applications, it might be better that we help you. Especially for really big sites, Maxscape might be the solution you are lookin for.

To come to know Maxscape, simply register an account on one of the Maxscape sites (no email required) and give it a try to create a profile or a small web site.

Don't worry be happy, Max.

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