I was born in Berlin in 1955 and grew up in Berlin Lichterfelde. In my youth I have tried to learn what life is all about, made music, and was busy with schools and jobs. After I had decided not to become a professional musician, I obtained the 'German Abitur' 1977 by a maturity examination for non-pupils.

Technische Universität Berlin

I studied electrical engineering at the TU-Berlin and passed with almost the best degree. I made my diploma thesis at the Department of Computer Science on the subject software redundancy/N-version programming. I made my internship at the Krone GmbH. During my studies I worked 3 years as a tutor for the lecture higher mathematics 1-4 for electrical engineers at the faculty of Mathematics and 1 year at AEG (Model for estimating the expansion of a roll during the rolling process).

Georg Neumann GmbH

From 1987 to 1989 I was employed by Georg Neumann GmbH. I developed I-5000, a program system for controlling the digitally controlled analog modules of their mixing consoles.


Between 1989 and 1997 I worked for the SEL AG as a system engineer. Among other things I was responsible for the integration tool chain of various projects (OMC, ECR, ..) in the area of manufacturer independent management systems for telephone/mobile switching centers. I administered the Context Database (interfaces of the various components), maintained the alarm component of several projects, developed surfaces for the control of ISDN Switches and much more. The most interesting time was at the integration group of the department, where we integrated the components of up to 400 programmers for various projects and I learned a lot about principles and philosophies of programming on a large scale.

Maxscape Web Application Server

When in the early nineties I came to know about Compuserve, Linux and the Internet it blowed my mind and I began to develop a web application server named Maxscape, in my spare time.

In fact, Maxscape 1.0, released in 1997, was the first platform comprising an open source HTTPD (NSCA, CERN and then Apache), FastGGI, SSL, a database (Msql, Mysql or Oracle), a script language (Perl), a server API (Maxscape), and a development and an integration environment. Till today Maxscape's unique feature is that content, templates and even application software can be consistently stored in a relational database.

Customer projects with Maxscape

When in 1995 solutions for Internet presentations were increasingly sought, I was able to offer a functioning system. With my partners Netural Planet and Phase 4, I was able to get clients like Vereinsbank, T-Data, GMH, Aum, etc. I wrote the worldwide first individualized user homepage of a bank, and we got a prize for that.


In 1997, I was able to become self-employed and to work full-time on Maxscape. Well, I'm an engineer and not a business man. And since I was so busy with Maxscape development, I could barely handle and had no time to worry about our customer projects. I actually was glad at that time, when one project after another came to an end. After the stock market crash I was not able to find investors and when Kai Krause (Metacreation) said to me that the Maxscape project is too big for him, I decided better to set up a studio, to make music and to travel. Something else than programming 18 hours a day.

Of course, the original idea of Maxscape, namely, to build a platform to connect people via computer and network, was still on my mind. Consequentially, pondering on this subject leads to what is now called, 'social networks'. So, in 2000 I began to develop a Profile/Community software based on Maxscape, which I published 2002 as a showcase of a Profile/Community solution on

The original idea behind is to put a profile-search engine and communication channels at everyone's disposal. Well, the idea is good, but labour-intensive and definitely beyond my budget, why I ceased further development since 2006.

Musik und Sound-Basement Studio

Around the year 2000 the prices for PCs, notebooks and sound cards began to came down. So, I replaced my Atari with Logic and MIDI Instruments with a Windows PC, Yahmaha mixers with ADAT interface and first Logic, then Cubase and Reason.

Since the seventies I also had rented a basement in a factory building in Berlin Kreuzberg, where Claudia and Jürgen Skoda, Jim Rakete, Gerhard Gross and I had founded one of the first lofts of Berlin. David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Nena, Spliff, Iggy Pop, Monella, David Hamilton and many others went in and out there at that time. The ideal place for a studio. To make music, especially with electric Guitars, you need a certain volume and a PA. Sound is not everything, but everything is nothing without it.

Between 2006 and 2014 I almost only made music and expanded my studio equipment. The studio is quite complete now, but some plugins, a hardware master compressor and especially an e-drumset is still missing. We had very much fun, but to produce a really good pop song is another thing. The most difficult topics are to bring the right people together, imagination, trust and the unconditional will to reach a set goal together. Or you have the money to pay for everything, which does not guarantee the financial success, anyway. Alone, it is at least very difficult, if you are not Niel Young.

Maxscape 4.0

Between August 2014 an June 2015 I updated the Maxscape basic platform (HTTPD, FastCGI, databases, SSL, Perl with CPAN modules, ..), as well as the Maxscape library, the associated surfaces to access the databases (content database) and the development environment. The main functions for generation and maintenance of dynamic content from a relational database are now implemented.

In addition, I moved from my own server to a cloud computer, redesigned and launched and All three sites contain a simple profile/commuity software and a component with which one can design and publish complex and sophisticated websites.

Maxdaemon HTTP Daemon

Between August 2017 and April 2018 I have implemented Maxdaemon, which comprises a fast, lightweight HTTP(S) daemon written in Perl with three kinds of CGI interfaces, a web browser surface to manage the server's and the host's file system, an application server runtime system and the Maxscape development and integration environment.