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Application Server Creation

To create a new application server, do the following steps (mysql example):

  1. Log into the servers maxscape account.
    > su - maxscape
  2. Create new application server directories (Note: The distribution contains already servers named 'WebServer', 'MaXscape', where 'WebServer' referres to the Maxscape administration Server). The '-c' option forces a copy from the MaXscape server (recommended, if you do not have created a new 'application server', before).
    # option -c makes a copy of the MaXscape server
    > /maxscape/sbin/create_application_server -c 'application server name'
  3. Create new data base instance in your database (mysql example):
    > /maxscape/sbin/create_db.mysql 'application server name' 
              'adm passwd' 'adm passwd' 'www passwd' 'www passwd' 

    Check the existens of the newly created db, e.g. by:

    > mysql -u'application server name' -p'adm passwd' 'application server name'
  4. Now edit the file /maxscape/etc/maxscape.cnf and adjust the variables. (e.g. add the newly application server to the configuration file. Adjust database user id and password.):
  5. vi /maxscape/etc/maxscape.cnf
        <item key="'application server name'">
          <item key="Id">'application server name'</item>
          <item key="Host">localhost</item>
          <item key="User">'application server name'adm</item>
          <item key="Passwd">your password</item>
  6. Create data base tables (see the MaxAdmin command line shell tool). The tables must previously be created or copied to the related tables directory of the application server (maxscape/server/'application server'/tables).
    MaxAdmin -w ' server' create Tables
  7. Add the necessary entries to the WEB_SERVER table.
  8. Add the newly created server to the USER_PROFILE 'PERMISSION' entry to grant access to the server's database via the administration server.
    >cd /maxscape/server/WebServer/tables
    > MaxAdmin -w WebServer dump Table USER_PROFILE
       'WebServer:system;MaXscape:system;'application server name':system;','')
      exit vi
    > MaxAdmin -w WebServer create Table USER_PROFILE
  9. Adjust the apache server configuration, i.e. edit /maxscape/etc/apache/httpd.conf. Include your web server's /maxscape/server/'web server id'/etc/httpd.conf in the global httpd.conf file (look at the end of '/maxscape/etc/apache/httpd.conf'.

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