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Maxscape History

Release 0.01

Release 0.01 was really beta, nevertheless it implemented the basic ideas and features and was successfully applied to a large Internet database project in 1996. It was the first release combining an HTTPD, a database and the PERL interpreter on an NT operating system.

Release 1.00

The release 1.00 code base was originated November 1996 from scratch, using the experience and experimental scripts collected in several projects since summer 1995. It was inspired by the upcoming Internet technology, the problems involved with dynamic websites and large scale software development, and the opportunities of the new medium, like one-to-one communication on the fly. It was the first release based on the NCSA HTTPD, the MSQL or the Oracle database and the PERL programming language,

Release 1.00 was successfully running from 1997 on several sites (e.g. Vereinsbank Internet Server, T-Data Intranet Server, ...). This release showed the speed, robustness and stability of the basic components and the Maxscape kernel and API.

Release 2.00

With Maxscape 2.00, released in December 1998 a step to a more 'generic' web server environment was done. The distribution solved a lot problems, especially in respect to installation issues, but still important features were missing. This release was build on the Apache HTTPD, the MSQL or the Oracle database and the PERL programming Language.

Release 3.00

Maxscape 3.00 started in may 1999. The preferred database became MYSQL, and a standardized directory structure was implemented. Many new features were added to the browser based administration surface, as well as to the application programming interface. This release was running on the Vereinsbank website till winter 2001.

Release 4.00

As of 2017 I am proud to present Maxscape 4.00. The base platform is updated to the concurrent software and many new features are added. The kernel seems quite complete, finely.

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