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Callback Functions

At several stages of the page generation process callback functions can be plugged into the application server's main loop.

Page Callbacks

Page callbacks are used to plug in application functions, that have to be executed before the page lookup has happened. A typically usage is to reset the page context in dependency of the CGI environment.

Element Callbacks

Element callback functions are executed immediately after the element database lookup or later by the output loop. They are bound to the element names and take the element attributes as callback parameters. Have a look at the file 'lib/perl/maXscape/SiteApplication/' for more information on that.

Template Callbacks

Documentation to bee added...

Final Page Callback

After page content assembly, a final filter can be applied to the whole page. For example a regular expression or a server side (HTML, XML, ...) parser can be executed.


This callback is called when a non existing page is called and no error document is defined in the 'application server's' database. The function to be called can be configured via the 'Page.NotFoundCallback' property of the global '$WebServer' object. If the 'Page.NotFoundCallback' property is not defined the function 'main::DocumentNotFound' is called if defined.
See the value for 'Page.NotFoundCallback' in the configuration module to define a database error page.

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